Simplified I/O for AV professionals

all from a solid piece of high-grade aluminum.

Modular in every way

Starting with the idea that wall-boxes can be clean and good looking too, we started the R&D process to make our own, high quality wall boxes for all your professional AV installations.

The IO4 is made of a solid 1kg block of high-grade aluminium. The entire product, from start to finish, is made in the Netherlands.

The magic of aluminium

Have a look at the manufacturing process of the IO4, see how a chunk of 1kg aluminium turns in to a beautiful IO box. From start to finish produced in the Netherlands

Order Neutriks with your I/O box

Our products aren’t complete without connectors, all our frontplates are perfectly made to fit most of the Neutrik connectors. High quality connectors meets high quality products of Magic I/O